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With energies and ascension symptoms escalating at quantum speed, people are growing increasingly empathic and feeling sensitivities, they might have been oblivious to just a year ago. Half a dozen hurricanes, earthquakes, having survived seven planets in Mercury Retrograde simultaneously, and two eclipses, emotional water and erratic air energies are looming in our atmosphere. It is essential at these times to activate self-care and guarding techniques. Among salt baths, grounding exercises, smudging and just staying in the house with all the dead bolts locked, ignoring your phone calls, here are some crystals that might help release some anxiety and repel aggressive energy. May the Force be with you, and don’t forget to sew these crystals in your Halloween costume!

Protection Warriors

Black Tourmaline

Perhaps the most popular crystal for protection, tourmaline even helps block hazardous energy from your electronics. Thus, curbing a little attitude problem when people get out of line is a cake walk to tourmaline! When wearing tourmaline, wear it on the left, feminine, emotional/spiritual side. The left side is the energetic front door, and tourmaline has a silent way of communicating “Good Vibes Only!”

Tourmaline in Quartz

When Tourmaline is anchored in Quartz, its metaphysical properties are boosted by nature of the quartz. This matrix is visually striking, eye-catching, and appears to mimic runes or script.

Tourmaline in Quartz is mostly found in natural, unpolished form.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a repellant to energy that is not of the purest vibration; it won't even soak up negative energy. Like Scocelite, think of Kyanite as protective nurturer to the wearer, and facilitator for group cooperation.


Let’s just call Selenite the lightsaber of protection crystals! This is another crystal that does not need cleansing. It actually clears other crystals~ just place them on top of selenite for a few hours and they’ll have a new charge! In wand form, many practitioners and energy workers utilize selenite like a magic stick, combing the energy field. Basically, it’s a magic wand!

Quartz Crystal at the Spiritual Plexus

The Spiritual Plexus is your physical body’s protection space, the dip just between the Anahata (Heart) Chakra and Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra that helps repel any harmful energy, clears it and sends it to Source energy. Wrap a single tourminated quartz and suspend it to a chain or string- the point of the single tourminated quartz should be directed toward the ground.

Grief and Sadness Warriors

Apache Tears

Like Lepidolite, Apache Tears soothe grief. It is said to relieve the body of emotions just as tears do~ a cleansing force that allowing you to shed and let go of loss and pain. Since Apache Tears are a form of

obsidian, they are ideal for grounding.


This visually soothing crystal is the color we see when we gaze at the depths of the ocean, a cross between sage and cerulean. An incredible palm stone for the office, the sofa, car or even falling asleep. If you have a history of mind chatter or negative self-talk, Amazonite will give you glorious feels in no time! (Children love it.) A good one to have when you need to put a sweet spin on your words.


Mostly orange and vibrant, Carnelian supports the Svadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra, which governs emotions and creativity. If you need something to uplift your day, or have a trying schedule before you, carrying Carnelian as close to the skin as possible, will raise the vibration of your emotions. It's a crystal full of cheer, and often a go-to to boost yourself out of depression.

Remember, it’s equally important to cleanse your tools.

Think of your crystals as empaths who do really heavy energy work. At day’s end, it’s important to come home to a shower! Hold them under cold running water, place them in a water bath of sea salt or Himalayan salt, or if you have a yard where you can bury them, return them to their origin every now and then.

Crystals are the bones of Momma Earth- make sure you are treating them with respect and care!

Originally published in Austin All Natural Magazine: October 2017

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