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Yoni Egg Crystal Care

Folade Speaks ~ Photo Credits: Folade Speaks

You take baths in damiana and rose buds, myrrh drops float the surface, crystal clusters surround the bath. You speak to water in Light language and draw symbols that ripple. There is sage and sweetgrass smoke charming the air. You immerse your heart chakra, shoulders, head in the liquid warmth of mothering energy. You reach back into the ancient ceremony of Goddess bathing. What if we could give similar elemental attention to the womb?

When I first learned about yoni eggs, I began thinking of ways I could introduce healing tools for clearing, restoring and nurturing, to my ovaries, uterus, womb. I began imagining the ways I could nurture that space by infusing energies into the crystal egg before use so the energies transfer.

For example, if I left the egg in the Sun for a day and inserted the egg at night, my womb was infused not only with life force energy of Sun, but also mothering and restorative energies of Gaia.

If I smudged the egg prior to use, the sacred, clearing vibration of the sage would eliminate energies from the womb space the way it eliminates that energy on my physical body and home.

On a Full or New Moon, if I laid the egg out for a few nights during respective moon zones, it could reconnect my womb space with ancient recollection of moon cycle ceremony my Ancestors lived.

For some, the impetus for yoni egg use is achieving

a stronger pelvic floor and vaginal canal, kegel exercises, or to achieve a higher orgasmic experience.

For me, being a lover of crystals, it began as an experiment with how I could introduce healing properties inside my womb and vaginal canal, that had never reached that space before by nature because of its physical architecture.

Nonetheless, there are a few basic foundational considerations if you are interested in a Yoni Egg ceremonial experience.

Type of Crystal

Not all crystals are safe for Yoni Egg practice. If in doubt, start with Jade (the original, ancient option), or rose quartz. Some obsidians are also good picks, and most crystals in the chalcedony family are safe. Never use any egg that is water soluble or that includes copper. Make sure to visit a reputable egg store and research safe crystals for yoni egg practice. For the Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra) carnelian is an excellent choice. Do your research for Muladhara/Root and Svadhisthana/ Sacral Chakra associations to determine which crystals correspond to metaphysical properties for those two chakras (bringing in joy, forgiveness, letting go, childhood abandonment experiences, sexual trauma, reclaiming womb space after pregnancy, etc).


Eggs come in three standard sizes. Large and medium are recommended for beginners and once you feel the pelvic floor tightening and you have more control over the movement of the egg during exercises, you graduate to the small egg! Some websites online sell all three eggs in one kit.


When you purchase the Yoni Egg, it is suggested, as with any crystal, you get to know it; place it in your bra if you wear one. Place it on your Svadhisthana/Sacral and Anahata/ heart chakras a few times during your meditation ceremony, hold it in your palms and set intentions and requests in it exclusive to your needs. An intelligent, living being, the crystal egg will also work on your body organically according to what you need. Many women sleep with their eggs in the bed as well.

String vs No String

My Yoni Egg Ceremony began kind of backwards, so to speak. Usually, beginners start with a string attached to their egg and as they develop from large to medium to small egg, they are then able to use the egg and exercise with it with no string, as their muscles are strong enough to pull the egg up and down the canal with no assistance. I started my Yoni egg practice with no string. If you are concerned that the egg will “get stuck and not come out,” trust me, it will. If you place a crystal anywhere on your body, after the crystal is finished working, it will fall off. The same is true with the egg. If you are not using a string, although the egg might sit in your uterus for a day or so, it will venture back out! When not using a string, be careful before going to the

bathroom. There are various materials you can use, such as silicone, organic cotton, or unwaxed, unflavored dental floss. There are websites with instructions on how to tie and use the egg.

Clear the Yoni Egg Before and After Each Use

Think of ways you might clear any crystal you buy, and use those techniques to clear your Yoni Egg. Below are a few recommendations.

Although selenite is not a crystal for Yoni Egg use, you can clear your crystal egg before and between uses by placing it on a bed of selenite for a few hours to however long you wish. Selenite is a self cleaning crystal, so it will clear any stone you place on it. This will clear the energy between uses as well as any attachments it has accumulated through the process of mining, polishing, shipping, etc.

Setting the Yoni Egg in a bowl of flower water is a way to embody Goddess energy into the crystal. Roses are my go to with baths and ceremonial waters, but feel free to experiment. If there is a New Moon, or Full Moon, you can also set out the floral water and let the moon charge the Yoni Egg. The womb space will benefit from the vibration of the moon, water and flowers.

Speaking of water, should you live near a body of water, take your Yoni Egg and immerse it into the water for a while. Choose a body of water that self cleanses, one with running energy, not stagnant water. Let the healing flow of Gaia’s water charge and clear your Yoni Egg.

There are many credible online sources for exercises and instructions for insertion. Be courageous, open and celebratory about your Yoni Egg practice. Allow yourself to feel good about it, awkward for a few days, laugh if it falls out, listen to it, experiment, and welcome the healing it gives.

Never choose an egg with copper content, and always research which eggs are safe for Yoni practice. Usually, the safe ones are quartz or chalcedony based, agates, obsidians and jade.


This article was first published in Austin All Natural Magazine.

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