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Retablo for Gram Odella

Retablo for Gram Odella

Dreamcatcher Detail: That Bluebird is Your Grandfather: synthetic hair. eurasion blue jay feathers. fishing net. tree branch. 2017

Photo Cred: J. Alan Love Photograpy

Photo Cred: J. Alan Love Photograpy

Tree Chime: Agate Slices, vintage wooden beads

Dreamcatcher Detail: For the Ancestors of the Field. synthetic hair. cotton bolls. feathers. thread. yarn. 2018

Shrine for Olokun: Cigar Box, Miniature Skulls, Quartz Points, Aqua Aura, Spirit Aura, Shells, Living Roses, Slaveship Collage, Paint

Commission: Dream 36x36

Commission: Dream 36x36

Mixed Media on Felt Asphalt Paper. 2018.

LIFE: Red Velvet Sculpture. Living Roses

Dream Catcher: Air Synthetic Hair. Shells. Feathers. Tree Branches



Dream Catcher: Synthetic Hair. Feathers. Yarn

Spirit Sculpture 5: RED. Hair. Feathers. Tree Branch



OYA YANSA 7 Day Candle VEVE Mixed Media on Felt Paper 36x36 2017

Spirit Sculpture 4: Shamana. Hair. Feathers. Tree Branch

Spirit Sculpture 6:: New Moon Ritual::: Kanekalon Hair. Broom. Crow Feathers. Broom Size

Miriam the Creator. Mixed Media on Asphalt Paper. 36x36. 2015

Spirit Sculpture 3. Alkebulan American. Hair. Guinea Feathers. Duck & Fidora Feathers. Tree Branch. Dalmation Jasper

Spirit Sculpture 2: for Osun. Hair. Black & Pheasant Feathers. 39"

Miriam the Lover. Mixed Media on Asphalt Paper. 36x36. 2015

Spirit Sculpture 1: Revealer/Protector. Hair. Peacock Feather. Shells. Wooden Beads.

SpiritSculpture7: Wata: Hair. River Stick. Yellow Roses. Sweetgrass. Peacock Feathers. Starfish. Shells. 5.5ft x 3ft

Chakra Balancing Technique Series Sahasrara Acrylic on Asphalt Paper 3' x 3'

Yantra for Surya (Sun Deity). Mixed Media on Asphalt Paper. 30x30. 2015

Soul is Bond Interpretation. Soft Pastel on Book Cloth. 20x24. 2010

Baby S. Soft Pastel on Art Paper. 20x24.

Interaction of Oris. Soft Pastel on Asphalt Paper 48x36. 2014

Mandala: First Boom Box. Mixed Media on Asphalt Paper 30x30. 2015

Hand of Miriam Mixed Media on Paper

Spintuitive~ Dendrochronology: An Autobiography in Tree Rings. Charcoal on Banana Leaf Paper. 22x36. 2010

Spintuitive: Canary Melon Baby. Mixed Media on Asphalt Paper. 20x20. 2014

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