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ROCKING THE LIGHT: Salt and Crystal Lamps

As Sunlight vanishes earlier into the evening sky, it’s time to begin utilizing other forms of light, honoring this season of darkness and hybernation in our homes and internal rhythm with cozy autumn lighting that warms both, home and Spirit- candles, fireplaces, soft lighting metaphysical lamps.


Unlike crystal lamps, salt lamps are greatly amplified by heat from within. Therefore, in order to best invoke its healing properties, Himalayan Salt lamps must be kept on as much as possible.. Learn square footage recommendations- smaller lamps reach only a certain square footage, whereas larger lamps reach a greater space. Best heated, the lamps should be lit for longer periods of time. In spaces with good air circulation, or in air conditioning, theysweat and shed, waning as time passes. They provide negative ions to the room and to the body when you place your hands over them. One favorite lamp forms is bowls, holding palm sized salt rocks, as many as 40 of them. Take individual rocks once warmed and hold them, place them on the body during a massage, or toss a couple in the bath water, where they react to steam, diffuse allergy and asthma symptoms! The color benefits the Svadhisthana/ Sacral chakra, promoting creativity and emotional uplift. Insomnia soothers, they also cleanse air quality.



Amethyst is a vibrant grape color, which stimultes the voilet sensibilities of the Ajna/Third Eye Chakra and Sahasrara/Crown Chakra. Thus, it is a very stimulating healing color for those between the ages between 42-56. Amethyst is quite possibly the most popular crystal for home decor, as it provides an overall sense of welbeing. Amethyst is helpful for those who suffer from insomnia, so bedroom placement of an amethyst lamp that soflty glows violet is a smart decision for inducing a night of deep rest. Amethyst is also popular for ailments such as migraine headaches and toothaches. Those who are working toward sobriety can benefit from amethyst, as can anyone working through grief from the transition of a loved one.


Calcite is a popular crystal that can often be found in lamp form. One resounding reason people are drawn to calcite is that it eases back pain. Secondly, calcite is a learning crystal that boosts memory, expands the mind’s ability to process and learn new information and incites curiosity, overall. So, imagine the power of a calcite lamp in the home, bedroom, home study/office, or healing space! When proper caution is taken with any of the material mentioned here to turn off the lamp before leaving the building, imagine the benefits of these lamps in the classroom and office space!


Selenite is a sage. In the form of a lamp, there are countless metaphysical benefits for selenite. The more you have, the cooler you appear! They look very cosmic, and mimic cave clusters when lit. In addition to their visual appeal, this is a lamp that will be invaluable for spaces in your home that have the most technology, as they block emf energy. When purchased with a flat top, one can also place small objects, such as jewelry or other crystals on them to clear the energy and memory from your crystals, as selenite is self cleansing. This lamp is also great to have in areas where you need a massive daily energy clearing! You decide where that is, and trust this lamp in your home will hold its own in terms of clearing work! Selenite is also a pain reliever, so this would be a great pick for healing spaces, spas and bedrooms.


When we use quartz in spaces that are already high vibrational areas, we boost the vibration of that energy. A quartz lamp placed in an area where groups and family members might gather to create memories or ideas for growth and expansion, could be a valuable tool for that area. Perhaps a meeting room or dining room, and event the kitchen area would be great places for a quartz lamp!


Rose quartz is one of the most loving crystals that Mother Earth offers. It’s soft pink color calls us to it, and when lit, it’s an awesome sight and very soothing for the Anahata/Heart and Svadhistana/Sacral chakras.


Perhaps the supreme show off of all the crystal lamps is agate! Pick up any agate slice and hold it to the sunlight and you will find you have a shapeshifter in hand! With backlighting, agate mimics stained glass, and thus one of my favorite. You really cannot go wrong with an agate lamp, and they can be placed in any room as they are balancers and harmonizers within any space they exist. Agates are visually stimulating and dazzling as light features. Another reason they are perfectly utilized to make dreamcatches; in one piece, they give a sweet high pitched sound when wind strikes them together, and they are visual stunners. Agate is a great pick for the Muladhara/Root Chakra.

Originally published in Austin All Natural Magazine: November 2017

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