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I only want to see you laughing

in the purple rain

Purple Rain , purple rain

~PRINCE, Purple Rain

The Pantone color for graphic designers for 2018 has been announced, an interesting one considering increased focus on spirituality and soul growth in 2017. As a meme points out, these three years are a chrysalis for many:

2016: The Caterpillar

2017: The Cocoon

2018: The Butterfly

As we crawl from accepting old belief systems that no longer serve us, and fly into our authentic Soul callings, it’s alluring that the color for 2018 is violet!

Thinking about Amethyst, Super 7, The Violet Flame, The Sahasrara/Crown Chakra. Think of Lepidolite, the nutritional value of purple vegetables and fruits. I'm remembering purple jams and beets delicately poured into canning jars and packed tightly in our basement to nurture us through winters. I'm meditating with lavender, and the magic of wisteria. This color known as royal, its saffron crocus, the color of the doors of witches, the beauty of clematis and irises. I am thinking of the violet that hugs flames of a crackling fire- how long the eye wants to rest there. How healing- the color purple.

How healing, the color purple.

If I take a step back in daydreaming up all the violet things I can think of, back to the Pantone, this leads us to how significantly 2018 is tied to mysticism, spirituality, and honoring our Crown chakra!

I don’t think it’s coincidence! I wish you a purposeful 2018, and I offer you some crystal recommendations; Here are the purple bones of Mother Nature, and how their powers can assist you in 2018.


Of the purple crystals, amethyst is premiere! It helps us sleep deeper, calms insomnia, and supports sobriety. Amethyst chunks and cathedral formations are so incredibly breathtaking, sometimes containing calcite deposits within their clusters, mimicking the cosmos. Place an amethyst geode in your home for 2018. This stunning formation will bring in the energy of the galaxy and stars.


For healers, lightworkers, and empaths, charoite is a must have! As we all work on our Higher Chakras above the crown, this crystal can help us connect and balance incoming energies. Since it is important for those working within the higher chakras to ground their energies, charoite is a good friend to have in the crystal family, as it supports connection with Source, and connection with the grounding energies of Gaia.


If you desire to let go and seek the flow of life in 2018, fluorite is a must have. Its Latin derivative “fluo,” means flow! Purple fluorite supports psychic evolution and deflects psychic attack. Just as selenite and shungite, fluorite is also a great crystal to have around where electromagnetic energies lurk.

Lepidolite (photo above)

A go to for those who are depressed, grieving, experiencing discomfort due to pain, and feel out of balance. If in need of concentration or protection, Lepidolite is a nurturing crystal that contains lithium. As with many of the purple crystals, lepidolite greatly supports the crown chakra and is a great choice for meditation.


This milky lavender stone is a powerhouse for softening tension and calming the nervous system. Phosphosiderite will extract negative energy from the torso, while soothing and restoring organs housed within the torso, such as the lungs and heart. This crystal can also balance the chakra system, and aids communication with the spirit world and past life recall.

Super 7

Seven crystals make up this one! Quartz, Amethyst, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Smokey Quartz and Cacoxenite. Rutile connects things! It is one of the most significant fractal forces of the crystal world. Meditating with Super 7 brings together all of the beneficial, highly resonating energies of seven crystals in one!

Other violet and purple gems worth research and collecting for 2018 are: Purple Chalcedony (kal-sed-on-ee), Purpurite, Smithsonite, Spirit Quartz, Stichtite, and Sugilite.

Originally published in Austin All Natural Magazine, January 2018

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