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Thank you, 2017! I am giving you a huge, tight energetic hug for showing us patterns, people, places and old belief systems needing no more energy.

Healing Baths

Salt baths can be blissful at the end of a long, energetic day. Many Practitioners recommend salt baths for warding off needless energies. Himalayan Pink Salt draws out toxins, relieves water retention, and supports weight loss. Add herbs or drops of essential oil to align your bath recipe with your needs!


Rosemary, palo santo, copal, cedar and sage are the bar of aromatherapy choices for clearing. Myrhh, Frankincense, and the citrus family (especially grapefruit) are especially uplifing and can give us energy to move forward! Bergamot simultaneously releases and welcomes newness. Incense, resin, oils and air diffusers are all super~


Fire can both eliminate energy, and it bring life force energy into your visions. Pick out a good book on working with candles. Many are wrapped in prayers, or contain plant and resin essence that move blessings into the ether when the candle is burned. Chakra Candle gazing is an incredible way to clear and restore your chakra system, and stimulate the pineal gland and third eye with flame energy and color.


Get some… get a lot! It is the magic clearing wand of the crystal family!

Energy Sessions

Sometimes, you need a nurturing session from a metaphysical Practitioner, or a Tarot/Oracle reading to make things *VERY* clear. Reach out to someone you trust and ask them for Practitioner recommendations based on your needs.

Moon Rituals

It is proven that when we are in alignment with the moon cycle, we are more empowered to rapidly manifest that which is in our highest good. There are different schools of thought, but you can utilize the new moon and full moon for bringing in, and clearing out. Prior to the New Moon, the light is decreasing, impacting letting go. Once it’s completely dark and waxing, moving toward fullness, you can focus on intention setting rituals that can grow into fruition.


Forgiveness is essentially #1. We all know forgiveness is the healthiest action you can show yourself and others. Look for mantras and heart chakra crystals that are pink and green, such as Rhodochrosite, Prehnite, Epidote and Rose Quartz. A few more crystals that are great for forward movement are Dendritic Agate, Bumblebee Jasper, Carnelian (emotional booster), Mookaite, and Apophyllite!

Rearrange your Home once a week. God forbid we entered my grandmother’s home in the dark! She would choose a random day to move around all the furntiture, and open the windows. We would often enter and bump into the sofa’s back, or a table that had been moved in the former path. I love to tell this story! Switch up your decor as well; as we change and move through new experiences, color needs and vibrations needs shift as well. Spruce up a few rooms with new tapestries, tea lights, or Feng Shui items.

Get piece of jewelry for your left side. Buy a piece of jewelry for your left side to remind you of incoming blessings that symbolizes staying focused on new commitments. Three years, I wore a butterfly ring on my left hand to remind me to seek moments of flight and grace in every day. Once I bought bracelets made from women artists in Rwanda as a reminder to recommit to my art practice.

Spirit / Animal Totems

Have you identified symbols that show themselves at relevant moments, or dreams with recurring animals or symbology? The snake, for example, reminds us to be a constant state of letting go of external layers. The frog is a symbol for cleansing, and many empaths identify with the frog because it has the sensory system to feel vibrations of the planet that other animals do not feel. This might be a symbol to move you into an appreciation of your emphathic development, rather than repress it. You can also utilize the powers of Egyptian and mythic Goddesses and Gods to draw their energy into your home and life via statues or miniature figures.

Originally published in Austin All Natural Magazine, December 2017

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