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I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead, help them reveal the greatest version of themselves. ~Steve Maraboli

I create most of the content for the digital sign out front of Nature’s Treasures, often pulling a monthly Oracle card for each astrological sign. In January, I pulled a card for Global Humanity Theme for 2018.

A card from the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle Deck card jumped out… COMPASSION! When I searched quotes about compassion, I found the quote above by Steve Maraboli.

In searching for a quote on compassion, therin is Love.

In an interview about love vs attachment, Buddhist author, Tenzing Paloma Jetsunma reminds us, Genuine Love says, I love you, therefore I want you to be happy. If that includes me, great, if not, I just want your happiness. Genuine Love is holding very gently, nurturing but allowing things to flow.

This leads to helping each other, selflessly, whether love is romantic, family based, or daily compassionate practice.

One way to develop an attribute is to locate the chakra that governs it. From there, you nourish that attribute with crystals and sensory experiences that build that respective chakra. Focusing on love and compassion, you can isolate the Anahata (compassion), Svadhisthana (emotions, emotional attachments and letting go) and Manipura (Willpower and Trust) chakras as focal points to guide our sensory choices.

From that awareness, you can experiment with sound (notes and frequencies, crystal and Tibetan bowls and chimes); scent (essential oils and resins, sweetgrass); sight (color therapy); and activities that correspond. There is a vast collection of resources to explore; find what works for you and for your loved ones.

Earth Keepers

One of the Mothers of the crystal family, they are comprised of Oneness energy, and like to live outside. By placement of an Earthkeeper in your garden, you connect to the sacred grid of Mother Earth, and to the Flower of Life that connects us all.

Crystals in the Idocrase Family

Such crystals, as vesuvianite and tanzanite are charged with the energy to unify humanity, as well as our individual inner fractal systems.


A great pick for releasing cords or unhealthy attachments between two people, it supports the Manipura Chakra because it attracts the sun and its Life Force. This crystal will brighten your energy and raise your willpower.

Crystal Gridding

This aesthetically pleasing technique is a powerful way to use crystals and minerals. You can be as free with your grid as possible, though you can find grids that are already laid out with formations of pyramids and sacred geometry. From there, work with corresponding crystals for what you wish to magnetize. Quartz and copper are awesome Master Crystals for your grid. As you work, consider the grid an extension of your heart. Set intentions that uplift the destinies of yourself and others.

When you search for crystals that help you love selflessly and without a set of outcomes, consider crystals in the color families of the heart (pink and green), solar plexus (yellow) and sacral (orange) chakras. In addition to the list of crystals that boost compassionate Love, having coral in your collection can unify your community.

Currently, I am reading a classic by Michael Newton, titled, Journey of Souls: Case Studies of the Life Between Lives. This book has further confirmed what I’ve witnessed through meditation, medium work and in dream state. We come to Earth to manifest a core purpose~ a life of action based on responsibility, balance and integrity.

May we all create loving and compassionate spaces in which we create the greatest versions of ourselves.

Published in Austin All Natural Magazine: February 2018

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