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Holiday Boundary Setting

I was not going to offer two cents today, but I do Energy Wellness Coaching for a living, and it's often about boundaries, so why stop on the holiday?

I'm thankful.

...for knowing my boundaries. Knowing how to listen to what I need and to what feels good and not so good, and actually living through the needs of SELF.

Assuming you celebrate the holidays, or straddle celebrating... political stuff aside... I want to encourage everyone during the season to listen to what you want to do vs the expectations others place on you. If you want to make the turkey, make the turkey. If it's too much for you to carry, designate someone else and give them your peace instead.

If you want to travel to a bazillion homes so everyone can see your children on Christmas, do it. If not, tell them to come to you, or catch you on any other day. NO GUILT.

Don't allow stress designated by the powers that be, become your reality if it doesn't feel good to do all this extra stuff. Chill, enjoy your home, stay in your flannels for 24 hours, drink some wine, journal, dance, meditate, watch the game.... let the children run around the house and soak up your peaceful, self appointed boundary and self love vibration. Teach them...

BE in your Truth, and BE what feels good. No less. Blessings and Peace~~~

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