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Karmic Cycles

The New Moon,

this new blog, two recent psychic readings that focused heavily on

a growing state of courage,

a fresh and deliberate focus

on power and manifestation~

it is evident why

I was gifted the opportunity to fulfill a dream this week. Since I saw them stretching out across the park, I've had a longing to provide Reiki to clients between three powerful, ancient Oak trees in Elizabeth Baldwin Park. I shared Reiki, laughter and stories with two clients here, outdoors, among the giving, dipping and sprawling limbs of the three Oaks. Before I left, I circled them with Palo Santo smoke, and dropped white sage at their bases, giving thanks for the way they seemed to hold space for me and my clients, so abundantly, that day.

a note of gratutude was shared with me from a client:

When Folade messaged me regarding the location change of my Reiki session, I embraced the idea and immediately thought, how refreshingly weird! I've never had a Reiki session outdoors and the location Folade suggested, couldn't be better: a quiet Houston park, in the heart center of three majestic trees. During the session, I slowly opened my eyes skyward to see the canopy of outstretched branches, and I could feel the warming rays peeking through the leaves. I could feel my Spirit rising and at times, it felt as if I'd float skyward if Folade wasn't holding me down. It was a great way to reconnect to Earth among the some of her most basic elements: sun, trees, and the occasional whisper of the wind as it ebbed and flowed among us. The wind, the sun, the trees. Thank you, Folade, for grounding me and reconnecting my Spirit to nature. If not for this outdoor session, I probably would have never visited this particular park nor would I have had the chance to be Graced by the Trinity of Trees. *JT*

It always amazes how we come to something and realize its parts sum a greater image that fits together so divinely. The universe sews together thoughts, feelings, intuition, an experience, a memory, a word, and soon, the eyes open to the synchronicity that has been created by the Higher Power. This season, courage, strength, manifestation, power and grace have been the focus for my walk. And here, on this Thursday, the parallels of Oak tree symbolism fold into my walk, and my work. I am ever grateful for the clients, for Reiki, nature and the opportunities. Grateful for the cycle!

Photo Credits~ J.Tippens

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