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WELLNESS Reiki Infused Spray

WELLNESS Reiki Infused Spray


WELLNESS Reiki Infused SPRAY is for your home, hands and above your Crown. Great to use in the office, and on the go as well! We've created a Thieves Oil EO Blend with a twist to bring you this uplifting spray that will help soothe the Winter Blues, move out the germs and clean the air.


Thieves Oil is known for: 



Fighting  Germs 

Aiding Sore Throat + Congestion


Cutting Airborne Mold + Mildew

Cleaning + Purifying Air of Germs

Good Household Cleaner


* Not for Pregnant or Nursing Moms


Distilled Water, Alcohol, Adè Wellness Infusion Thieves Oil Blend, Floating Cinnamon, Tourmaline and Quartz crystals

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