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HONEY LIPS Reiki Infused Lip Softening Balm



HONEY LIPS Reiki Infused Lip Softening Balm will transform your lips with regular use. Can be applied before lip color. Use overnight to give your lips a deep honey and butter treatment and wake feeling the change.  Honey is a main ingredient in this balm, and you will taste it, and taste like it!


Cupuacu Butter protects and heals lips that have been exposed to tobacco and other harsh irritants. It can also prevent cold sores, soothe coughs and cold symptoms. 


Store in a cool place to prevent melting point. Use often to elevate soft and healthy lips.


New Recipe! 100%  Organic Blend: Calendula Flower + Butterfly Pea Flower Infused CCT Oil, Local Wildflower Honey, Marshmallow Root Powder, Beeswax, Vanilla + Chocolate Extract, GSB (food grade preservative)


Reiki is a trained and certified ancient Energy technique where the Practitioner channels life force energy or chi and infuses it into tangible and intangible matter. When using Adé Wellness Infusion products, you are receiving a mini Reiki Treatment with each use. Reiki is now globally recognized and used in hospitals, birthing centers, psychotherapy practices, hospice facilities, and various other medical facilities. 

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