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TEMPLE Reiki Infused Room + Body Spray

Choose from 4: 


Our INCENSE fragrances now have companion sprays!

We're starting with the top three best selling INCENSE blends and rolling out a few more, weekly.


CRYSTAL blissfully soft, relaxing and sweet with a touch of musk.

Reiki Infused with Quartz Crystals.

FRANKLY, BLESSED is a luscious sexy blend I picked up while living in Seattle. It's a favorite among the Tribe, and has been used in our Bath Salts as well. 


MOONCHILD THEE favorite of everyone! Mixed with Orchid and a potion that is sexy, grounding and sweet. Reiki Infused with Amethyst Crystals.


WOODS a mixture of tree essence and musk, including Oud + Amber. Reiki Infused with Carnelian and Tiger Eye Crystals.


Ingredients:: Alcohol, Fragrance


2oz Glass Spray Bottle

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